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What is FoodBook?

FoodBook is a one-stop solution for all Single/Multi-Chain Restaurants, Franchises, Pizza & Fastfood Outlets, and customers. With the FoodBook application customer can book a table online. It will allow a customer to place an order from their table which is automatically sent to the restaurant and restaurant it sends to the kitchen without the need for a waiter. With the help of it, a restaurant can easily manage all the processes from the table booking to the bill generates.

With the Food book app, the restaurant has a fully digital menu, which will make the restaurant to “say goodbye to the paper manus”. Restaurants owners can see the wide statistics of sales within the app.

How Application Works

Scan Table QR

Customer go to restaurant and find a availble table, scan table QR code and book a table

manage table
Manage Table

Restaurant owners can add & modified tables according to their availability and arrange it.

place order
Place Order

Customer can select the food item and place the order. Also, they view the total amount of cost

customer invoice
Invoice Details

Once the food order is completed, the user and restaurant both can see the invoice with all details

Download Food Book App!

Table booking system, real-time order update & generate bill online

Restaurant App
Android id
Customer App
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Key Features

manage table
Manage Table

Restaurant owners can add & modified tables according to availability and arrangement based on their number of available seats in a table. The status of a table such as available booked and finish can be set and concur according to the food being serve.

point of sales
Point of Sales

Point of sale system, allowing restaurants to deliver great service experiences to the customer by managing table booking, orders, and billing. So, a restaurant can easily manage all the systems.

manage manu
Manage Menus

You can add and modified manus that you want to serve. You can add a list of products with proper product categories, product name, product price, product quantity, and product picture.

shift management
Shift Management

Shift Management makes it easy to manage and keep track of the shifts assigned to the food. This is helpful to build the best food item for the customer and increase restaurant revenue.

digital menu
Digital Menus

A user scans the QR code which will redirect the user to the menu plug. Their user can see the digital menus with all product categories, product name, price, quantity and product picture.

manage profile
Manage Profile

You can manage and modify your profile information such as name, email, contact details, and profile picture. You can also share and save all QR code and share the application.

Frequently Asked Question

This application can be used by any restaurant, cafe, or any other business which sells the food product.

This free for all the user and restaurant owners. You can simply download from the play store or app store and use it.

No, you can’t maintain the sells stock within the app.

The app supports all the language and currency for all the world. So, all the people use it.

Yes, you can use this application in your country, it just required internet connectivity and it should be fine.

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