App Features

FoodBook Customer App Carnival

FoodBook Customer app design to
flattering the experince of customer

FoodBook – Customer App Features

Using the FoodBook app customer can easily
book reastaurant table, place food order & generate bill
scan qr code
Scan Table QR

Users can scan the table QR code within the app. The table QR code is set by the restaurant for a particular table.

place order
Place Order

After select the food item user can place the food order. They can view all the food item with all details.

view cart
View Cart

A user can add the food to add to cart and after he/she can view food quantity and total price of the food.

view product
View Product

After the scan table QR code, the user can see the listed product with the food name, price, and description.

complete order
Complete Order

Waiter deliver the food at the cutomer table, customer & manager both can view the total amount and generate bill.

Bill Generation

After serving the food order user can view the total price and they have an option to directly generate the bill from the same screen.

FoodBook Restaurant App Carnival

FoodBook restaurant app UI design to
easily manage the restaurant system

FoodBook – Restaurant App Features

Using the FoodBook restaurant app restaurant owner
can easily manage their customer & order

A restaurant has three logins for the restaurant, manager, and kitchen. A restaurant can login through by providing basic details and the manager/kitchen can scan the restaurant QR code for login.

Select Time

A restaurant owner can select time such as breakfast time, lunch time and dinner time. And the user can see the food based on the time.

add product
Add Product

Restaurant owner can add food item details such as product name, price, quantity, and in which time availble.

manage table
Manage Table

A restaurant has the option to add and remove the table base on its availability. If a restaurant has more customer they can add the table. Also, they can set the food item based on time.

manage menu
Manage Menus

In the app, a restaurant can add and update product details. They can set product name, price, description, and quantity of product.

manage profile
Manage Profile

A restaurant owner can manage and upadet their profile information such as name, email, contact details, and profile picture.

Frequently Asked Question

This application can be used by any restaurant, cafe, or any other business which sells the food product.

This free for all the user and restaurant owners. You can simply download from the play store or app store and use it.

No, you can’t maintain the sells stock within the app.

The app supports all the language and currency for all the world. So, all the people use it.

Yes, you can use this application in your country, it just required internet connectivity and it should be fine.

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