FoodBook App Grapical WorkFlow

Check our FoodBook App graphical workflow
of Customer and Restaurant App

Customer Login

To use FoodBook table booking app, user can simple installed the app from the respected store.


Restaurant Login

The restaurant owner of the table booking app gets the feasibility to register via contact details.

manager login

Manager Login

The restaurant manager can scan manager QR code from restaurant app to use FoodBook manager app.


Kitchen Login

The Kitchen Chef can scan kitchen QR code from restaurant app use FoodBook kitchen app.

App Grapical WorkFlow

customer App

scan table qr

Scan Table QR

Customer go to restaurant and find
a availble table

At the availble table, customer can scan table
QR code and book a table

Customer App

select menu

Menu Category

After scan table QR code, customer can
view the food manu

They can select the cuisine to find
the food which they want

customer App

item select

Select Food Item

After selecting the food cuisine, customer
can view food item list based on time such
as brekfast, lunch and dinner

They can view food item with details such
as food name, price, quantity and picture

customer App

place order

Place Order

Customer can select the food item which
they want and place the order

They can view the total amount of cost
for the food order

restaurant App

kitchen manage

Kitchen/ Manager Get Food Request

After customer place the food order
kitchen/manager both get the food order
request with all details

Kitchen/manager can view the table number,
food item with all details such as quantity,
and total amount

restaurant App

kitchen deliver order

Kitchen Deliver Order

After kitchen get the food order request
from the customer, they can view details such
as food price, quantity, and amount

After preparing the food waiter to get the order
and deliver to the customer and kitchen chef
can change the status of the table

Waiter Deliver Food At Customer

Waiter go to kitchen and get the food order.
After, waiter deliver food at the customer table

customer App

customer invoice

Invoice Details

Once the food order is completed, the user and restaurant both can see the invoice details of the food

In the food invoice details, they can see the item name, quantity, price, ammont, and total amount

Also, they have option to generate the bill. So, they can use in the future when they want.

Restaurant App

kitchen invoice

restaurant App

manage table

Manage Table

Restaurant owners can add & modified tables
according to availability and arrangement
based on their number of available seats in a table.

The status of a table such as available booked
and finish can be set and concur according to
the food being serve.

restaurant App

manage product

Manage Food Manu Product

Restaurant owner can manage food
categories and food item

They can add or modified food categories
and food item such as name, price, quantity,
timing, and picture.

restaurant App


Manage Profile

Restaurant owner can manage their restaurant
and profile information such as restaurant name,
timing, table details, QR code details,
and profile picture

Also, they can view the graphical dashboard to
know about the revenue of the restaurant